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The significance of ceilings in shaping the overall ambiance of your home or business is often underestimated. Over time, they can gradually alter in color, taking on a yellowish tint due to exposure to sunlight, moisture, and everyday activities like cooking and smoking. Once this yellowing becomes noticeable, it becomes impossible to overlook. 

At Painters Enterprise St Albert, we specialize in rejuvenating ceilings in all St Albert communities. Regardless of whether you have a flat, popcorn, or knockdown ceiling, our skilled team is fully equipped to revitalize and renew your space with exceptional ceiling painting services. 

Witness the profound impact a freshly painted ceiling can have on brightening and transforming your surroundings!

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At Painters Enterprise, we apply our knowledge and skill to all our painting endeavors, ensuring that every ceiling we work on looks exceptional. We handle each ceiling with care, tailoring our approach to the specific type. When dealing with popcorn ceilings, we employ spray paint to achieve a flawless result consistently. For knockdown ceilings, we meticulously decide whether rolling or spraying is the optimal technique for your space. Utilizing spraying often enables us to complete the project more efficiently.
Ceiling Painters St Albert
St Albert Ceiling Painters

Professional Ceiling Painters

At Painters Enterprise St Albert, we take great care of your home, treating it as if it were our very own. Prior to starting our work, we take the necessary precautions to protect your walls, furniture, and floors, ensuring that everything stays immaculate. We want to inform you that after we complete the painting process, there might be a slight paint smell lingering in your home for a brief period. However, this smell typically fades away within a day. If you're interested in giving your ceiling a new look, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Painters Enterprise St Albert. We are here to assist you in transforming your living space!
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Some Helpful Tips for DIY Painters

Although we suggest hiring professionals for ceiling painting, we understand that many homeowners prefer the do-it-yourself approach. Our experienced team at Painters Enterprise has compiled these helpful tips for your flat ceiling project:
  •  Choose a stain-blocking Primer
  • Choose Ceiling Paint
  • Start by Cutting in your Edges
  • For even coverage, apply in 2 direction
Ceiling Painting Tips

Your Best Choice for Ceiling Primer

Ceilings in buildings are prone to being marked with various types of stains. One common type is water stains, which occur due to leaks or seepage. Another type is smoke stains, caused by fires or smoking. These stains not only look unpleasant, but they can also lead to health risks by promoting the growth of mold and mildew. 

To tackle this issue, it is crucial to use a top-notch primer that can block stains. A primer acts as an initial coat that prepares the surface for the final layer of paint. It helps seal the surface, hide imperfections, and enhance paint adhesion. 

When it comes to stained ceilings, the best choice is a stain-blocking primer. These primers contain special ingredients that effectively conceal stains and odors, preventing them from seeping through the final paint layer. 

At Painters Enterprise, we use high-quality primers that effectively cover stains and odors. Our team of skilled painters has years of experience in dealing with various types of stains and can recommend the most suitable primer for any given situation. Covering up a discolored ceiling with paint won't fix the real issue at hand. Therefore, they make sure to meticulously prepare the surface before applying the primer and paint.

Use Specialized Ceiling Paint

Paints specifically designed for ceilings are a unique type of paint that caters to the specific needs of ceiling painting. These paints are formulated to have a slower drying time, less splatter, and a flat finish, all of which contribute to achieving professional-looking results. This is especially important for novice painters who want to achieve a flawless finish on their ceilings. The slower drying time of ceiling paints is primarily to ensure better coverage. 

Painting a ceiling can be challenging, as it is difficult to reach all the nooks and crannies. If the paint dries too quickly, the brush or roller may not have enough time to cover the entire surface area. With a slower drying time, painters have sufficient time to ensure that every inch of the ceiling is adequately covered. 

Reduced splatter is another distinguishing characteristic of ceiling paints. When painting a ceiling, it is common for paint to splatter onto the floor or furniture below. Splatter can create a messy situation that is difficult to clean up, causing frustration for the painter. 

Lastly, it's important to note that the flat finish of ceiling paints is essential for achieving a polished and professional look. Although ceilings are often neglected in the realm of home decoration, a well-painted ceiling can truly transform the overall appearance of a room. By using a flat finish, the ceiling will appear seamless and uniform, effectively concealing any imperfections or blemishes that may exist.

Cutting in Your Ceiling

To begin cutting in your ceiling, begin in one corner of the room and progress along the ceiling in small segments. Utilize a small brush that is easy to manipulate, ensuring that you apply a uniform amount of paint. By cutting in smaller sections, you can maintain a wet edge, which aids in seamlessly blending the rolled paint. 

After completing the cutting in process, it is time to roll the paint. Utilize a roller with a lengthy handle to effortlessly reach the ceiling, and make certain to select a roller cover that is suitable for the paint type you are using. Commence rolling the paint from the same corner where you ceased with the brush, and proceed across the ceiling in sections. 

As you roll the paint, ensure that you distribute it evenly and refrain from applying excessive pressure. This will help prevent the occurrence of drips and roller marks, which can be arduous to rectify once the paint has dried. If you do happen to notice any drips or roller marks, endeavor to smooth them out with the roller before the paint dries.

Why Paint Your Ceiling in 2 Directions?

In order to ensure a uniformly covered surface, it is essential to apply the paint in two distinct orientations. Start by painting small areas that are approximately 5-6 square feet in size. After completing each section, roll the paint roller over it again, but this time at a 90-degree angle from the initial direction. This technique guarantees a smooth and even result, preventing any patches that may be left uncoated or with overlapping strokes.

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